Biscione Nerazzurro

The snake comes from the need of Inter to have a symbol linked to its roots to celebrate the centenary of 2006. The snake was inspired by one of the symbols par excellence of Milan: the Visconti snake, coat of arms of the Duchy of Milan. From Wikipedia: «The Biscione (Italian for ‘large grass snake’), also known as the Vipera (‘viper’ or in Milanese as the Bissa), is a heraldic charge showing in Argent an Azure serpent in the act of consuming a human; usually a child and sometimes described as a Moor. It has been the emblem of the Italian Visconti family for around a thousand years. Its iconographic origins date back to paleochristian times, to the biblical story of Jonah and the Leviathan in the act of swallowing (and/or regurgitating) him, a common motif representing the resurrection. How that widely known image can be traced to the Visconti house is unknown; however, it has been claimed that it was taken from the coat of arms of a Saracen killed by Ottone Visconti during the Crusades")[citation needed]. Additionally, a man being swallowed by a serpent but being rescued features in a number of legends about Theoderic the Great, most prominently in the poem Virginal, where the city of Arona, which was owned by the Visconti, is featured. The figure may also represent the circumpolar constellation Draco, from whose "mouth" emerges the brilliant star Vega, in constellation Lyra (symbolized as a falling vulture in Arabian astronomy; Lyra is near Cygnus, which is the "Chicken" in Arabian astronomy; Jonah may be related to both, because it means "Dove"),[citation needed] or also a symbol of the "coiling" path of the Moon towards the eclipse points.» The flames from the mouth is a clear reference to the symbol of ENI introduced by Enrico Mattei.

Client: La Sterpaia for F.C. Internazionale
Creative Director: Oliviero Toscani
Art Direction and Design: Matteo Capitini
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